World Mental Health Day

Oct 10 is World Mental Health Day, so this is the day when we celebrate for mental people is it ? no actually this is specially created to show them respect and love than any others day. People around the world suffering from many diseases but mental health problem is also one of them. We can't say it rare case but it have present attention too.
World Mental Health Day

Australia celebrated this week as world mental health week, so that is also a real inspiration to help mental people. The organization working on this day is called "world federation for mental health" is build with more than 150 countries around the world.

We all should make awareness and attention for mental health, we should make them happy and perfect. They just not to have sick. If you love yourself then you have to love mental peoples also. No one can guarantee about themselves. Before you die do something good for mental. Don't angry on this post that i said in last lines but it came out from heart. Cause many people don't like mentally sick people that doesn't sound as like a good human being.

Join activities of World Mental Health Day and make sure you are happy to help them.
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