Saturday, August 5, 2017

National Oyster Day

National Oyster Day is observed annually on August 5th. Oysters are enjoyed as a seafood in many parts of the world.

National Oyster Day

National Oyster Day
National Oyster Day
Did you know there are over 100 different species of oysters? They’re typically named after the body of water in which they’re grown because oysters take on the characteristics of the water in which they live.

Interesting facts of National Oyster Day

The largest oyster-producing body of water in the world is located in Chesapeake Bay on the east coast of the U.S. Almost two billion pounds of oysters are eaten each year.
In the U.S., east coast oysters tend to be smaller, milder and saltier. West coast oysters are creamy and sweet. Only one out of every 10,000 oysters will produce a pearl.

HOW TO OBSERVE National Oyster Day
Make or order a dish that uses oyster as one of its main ingredients. Use #NationalOysterDay to post on social media. The origins of National Oyster Day have not been determined.

Happy National Oyster Day

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