Saturday, July 15, 2017

World Snake Day

World Snake Day is the day for snake. Every year 16th July this day is celebrated as world snake day. In this world you can find more than 3000 different type of snakes in various environment. hill, jungle, cave, lake, beaches, houses, trees and many other locations are full of beautiful snakes around the world.

World Snake Day

Most of the zoo owner and wild life authority celebrate this day with displaying the big snake of their collection. So if you snake lover then you should not miss it. Just visit your nearby zoo or wild life park and enjoy your day. Don't forget to share your photos with snake on social media. This will help you to reach your snake day activity to your friends.

Snake day should be awareness. People of the world all are not same minded so there is lot of people who hate snake. So they just kill it. Snake is the animal which also keep the environment balanced as like other animal. If there would be no snake then you can't thing how much rat would stay around you. So all of us should be careful about the life of snake.

On this day we need to spread the importance of snake in our environment for sake of us. And another thing there is few dangerous snakes around the world we all should stay secure from these. Even in many states of USA are full of dangerous snakes. Among these states too much snake attack is happen and Florida is one of them. Many parents are afraid about snakes in Florida.

Happy Snake Day Images

World Snake Day

World Snake Day

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national snake day date

World Snake Day : 16th July

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