Monday, July 10, 2017

World Population Day

Jul 11 is World Population Day - Annually this day is celebrated as world population day to make awareness among the people of the world about the issues of population. Population problem is a big problem for peoples. In 1989 this day was discovered by Governing of United Nations to celebrate. The aims of world population day is to make awareness of people about human rights, gender equality, poverty, family planning etc.

World population is increasing hundred million in every fourteen months. So need of food, need of work, need of safety, need of everything a person need to stay happy in this world is strongly increasing of demand. So we should make awareness among the all people around the world.

World Population Day

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These are the best poster on world population day you can ever found for your social media accounts to spread the awareness of this day. So we all should celebrate it with best slogan world population day. People of the world need to ensure health, wealth, home, food, education for upcoming born babies. Some countries like china made offer if you take one child you will be awarded. So all the country men should take proper decision about world population day together to do the best.

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