Monday, July 31, 2017

National CheeseCake Day

National Cheesecake Day is observed annually on July 30th. Cheesecake is a delicious dessert that is loved by millions around the country. It is a sweet dessert that is a mixture of soft fresh cheese, cream cheese or cottage cheese, eggs and sugar on a crust made from crushed graham crackers, crushed cookies, pastry or sponge cake.
National CheeseCake Day

National CheeseCake Day

America has several different styles of cheesecakes:

New York-style cheesecake
Pennsylvania Dutch-style cheesecake
Farmer cheese cheesecake
Country-style cheesecake
Lactose-free cheesecake
Cheesecake Kludys
Chicago Style cheesecake
Savory cheesecake

#NationalCheesecakeDay post your homemade cheesecake picture in social media with this hashtag.

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