World Ocean Day

World Oceans Day is a global celebration on June 8 with hundreds of events around the world. Every year in most of the countries celebrate this day. Since 1992 Canada started this day and after that year by year the list of the countries who celebrate world ocean day is increasing.

World Ocean Day
World Ocean Day

What to do in World Ocean Day ?

If you are looking to know what to do then we can recommend you some resources just simply visit world ocean day free resources. This year the slogan for this day is "Our Ocean, Our Future".

Where to Celebrate World Ocean Day?
Ocean science institute, animal science department, zoology team, shark research team, aquariam health management and many more organization arrange ceremony on this day. So you can join anywhere. Just open your eyes and track your local places nearby you to celebrate world ocean day.

Take your picture on this day and upload on facebook and twitter with the hash tag #WORLDOCEANSDAY so that people on your friend and follower list will be interested to learn about this day.
World Ocean Day

So we all need celebrating our ocean and people should know about oceans of the world. Though in this world there is big 5 oceans in the list of world oceans. Most of the people don't know names of oceans and also ocean day.
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World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day Invitations
Georgia Aquarium invites you to celebrate World Ocean Day with us. This year's theme is “Healthy Planet, Healthy Oceans. ” Join us for fun and educational ...

World Ocean Day Images
World Ocean Day Images

World Ocean Day Wallpaper

World Ocean Day Theme

World Ocean Day 2017

Healthy Ocean Day

World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day
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