International Day of the African Child

16 June 1976 the day was established for International Day of the African Child, but officially around the world most of the countries started to celebrate this day on 16 June 1991 Organization of African Unity (OAU). People from the same globe don't know about others sorrow. So today we are going to discuss about day of African Child.

International Day of the African Child

This day is created to make awareness of study that is give to African child and also we need to ensure proper education for them so that they can a happy and effective life. We should ensure food for them and also make awareness about disease so that the most harmful disease can't born in Africa. We all know many disease grow there and spread toward the whole world as like bird flue, aids and many more disease are from Africa.

What to do on International Day of the African Child

On this day we aim to inspire state parties to accelerate efforts towards realising all children’s rights as provided by the Charter. SOS will be joining this summit to contribute to the advocacy for child protection and participate in the collective effort to address the challenges of child rights violations in Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa has both the highest rates of children living in extreme poverty at just under 49 per cent, and the largest share of the world’s extremely poor children, at just over 51 per cent.1*. Unless the world tackles inequity today, in 2030.

Children in sub-Saharan Africa will be 10 times more likely to die before their fifth birthdays than children in high-income countries by 2030. Nine out of 10 children living in extreme poverty will live in sub-Saharan Africa. More than 60 million primary school-aged children will be out of school – roughly the same number as are out of school today. More than half will be from sub-Saharan Africa.

So, this year SOS Children’s Villages urges African leaders to ensure a Zero tolerance approach towards child rights violations. We are calling for action to ensure children have access to protection, justice and equal opportunity. You can make a difference by sponsoring a child. Your contribution provides quality education, healthcare and protection for an African child in need.

*UNICEF, 2016
International Day of the African Child

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