Children’s Day

Children's Day is another special day for the global children, but can you say really we are working to rise humanity for the children. Most of the time we see nothing equal for them. People around the whole world love their own child but when its about Syria or any other weak country then ? We all should change our mentality to make a better world for the future of our child is not it ? So lets learn about world children's day.
Children’s Day

Children's Day

International Children's Day is celebrated in many countries in different days, as like March 5, April 23, June 1, November 20 and many other dates worldwide. Here these days are about children but something recirculated type.

Children's Day is on 5 March in New Zealand, this is the day to them when they hangout with their children. And Children have the chance to ask something bigger from their parents cause they are going to get lot of gift on this day. People join to the festival of Children's Day since 2000. So its a recent day that added to celebrate with Children.
Note: In New Zealand the first Sunday of March Children's Day is celebrated every year.

Universal Children’s Day
Children's Day is on first Sunday of June worldwide in most of the countries. And this day is celebrated from 1856.

Children's Day is on 23 April in Turkey since 1923.

Universal Children's Day is on 20 November by United Nations.

So here on every different days we celebrate World Children's Day but ensure that all children around the world are equal so please always try to love all the children equally.

What to do on Children's Day

On this day you can spend time with your children ask them what they love to eat what their passion and also remember you should talk with your child to make a good relationship. You should understand needs of them. You should teach them about humanity, love, respect, friendship, sacrifice etc for their better future. And also warn them to leave bad habit if they have and try to fill all their needs and buy happiness.
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