Tuesday, October 18, 2016

National Nut Day 2017

National Nut Day - 22 October is the National Nut Day. Nut is a healthy food you can say snacks it always make you healthy and fresh. It keep your brain warm and active. People who eat nut with milk never fall in problem of calcium. Let learn about national nut day.
National Nut Day 2017

National Nut Day

National Nut Day is celebrated for the healthy and nutritious snack. October 22 this day is selected to celebrate as nut day worldwide. I'm not going to share healthy recipes about nut but here today you will learn the importance of nut. If you know how important is nut in our life then you will understand national nut day.

People who looking for a tasty, healthiest and most delicious snacks then they should eat nut. Here is some reason of nut and also some of the health benefits nuts provide to a human body.

1. Weight Loss System: Nuts are fairly equal for calories, its proven that you can earn calories for your body but you will loss weight so people who want to loss weight they should try to eat nut regularly.

2. Healthy Heart: BBC reported news on healthy heart that is about if you eat nut it make a healthy heart and don't let you sad. People who eat nut they are always happy. So nut is also work to make you happy and leave sadness.

3. Some Disease Prevention: Nuts are rich in calcium, fiber and vitamin E, which can help fight against lung cancer. In Brazil a lot of types of nuts are found these nuts are especially good for men because they are packed with selenium, which is a mineral that could potentially protect against prostate cancer and other diseases. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and many protection needs are available in a nut.

4. A Brain Booster: Already said nut is heart booster also a brain booster it keep you fresh and healthy mind and remove depression from your brain and heart.

National Nut Day

What to do in National Nut Day

It’s not a celebration of your crazy relatives, but a day devoted to the bite-size burst of energy and nutrients that is the nut. In this world not many people know it, but pine nuts actually come from pine cones. They have two shell one is pine cone itself, and the second is shell around each nut.

National Nut Day

And peanuts are not technically nuts, its grow underground and are a part of the legume family.

National Nut Day

People who want to know what to do in national nut day they should make a regular routine for eating nut for a good health.

Happy National Nut Day

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