Saturday, October 29, 2016

International Internet Day

International Internet Day - International Internet Day is the day of Celebration of Internet. Let think you reading this post on your mobile, tablet or computer or any other device without internet. Is it possible to read this post without internet never ever cause to access a website internet is must. Without internet no data or info can be available to read. So you must need to have internet. Let know some information about internet day.

International Internet Day

International Internet Day

What is Internet Day ?
Internet Day is a celebration of computing and communication technology, and it has brought all our lives together. The first letters ever transmitted across the prodigal internet, which consisted of two computers.

The history of international internet day ?

Now you can access on your phone, tablet but few year before it was totally impossible. Only computer internet was available. Mainly internet was invented to communicate. Internet is the advance system of communication it makes our life easy and more easy. You can get any news on internet you can watch video on internet and finally you can live watch someone on internet and also you can show yourself to whole world via internet. If you are connected to internet you are connect with the world. Internet was invented 1960 and developed later in USA.

International Internet Day

How to Celebrate Internet Day ?

Did you ever visit first internet webpage ? I want to share that with you here it is First Webpage of Internet. This is the first page that is still online and it was uploaded for the first time after internet invented. Then no programming language was available no design of webpage only simple static page. Is not it stunning ? Let me show what to do and what should be your activities of international internet day.

Common activities of International Internet Day ?

The first thing we should make the internet safe to visit. We should take proper steps to safe our personal data from hacker. There are bad people always in all ways so in internet some people want to steal your data and make you crazy and they can demand money to return your info or they will leak your personal info. So you all should be careful to use internet. There are trillion website and blogs on internet.

International Internet Day

On the day of internet day we should learn about internet and discuss with people about how to make a better internet and clean online.

Happy International Internet Day stay safe and keep the internet safe for future generation.

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