World Vegetarian Day 2017

World Vegetarian Day - is also known as national vegetarian day. This is the day which is celebrated worldwide in most of the countries. People who are vegetarian love to make the best vegetarian recipes for this day. All the people who love vegetarian come to road to celebrate this day with enjoying best vegetarian foods. They love to share the advantages of being a vegetarian with non vegetarian people.

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When is World Vegetarian Day

Every year 1st October is the world vegetarian day that is celebrated by most of the countries around the world. From 1974 this day was founded by North American Vegetarian Society a non profit educational organization.

First October World Vegetarian Day is celebrated every year

What to do in World Vegetarian Day ?

Vegetarian summer fest is always open and everyone can join the conferences who interested in learning more about vegetarianism. World Vegetarian Day was established to share the possibility of vegetarianism. You can join with vegetarian people and eat vegetarian foods that is healthy for you and your family member so this day is for learning about vegetarian for them who are non vegetarian.

List of what to do in world vegetarian day

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