Islamic New Year 1438

Islamic New Year - A new year is coming of new days and finishing of another year. In Arabic twelve month is one year and the coming new year is 1438. The new islamic new year 1438 first day of the new year is 2nd October and 3rd October. Islamic Arabic New Year and new days are changed after the sunsets. So 2nd October evening going to start new islamic year 1438.

Happy Islamic New Year 1438

What is first month of islamic year

In islamic arabic calendar the first month among twelve is Muharram month, this is the first month of the islamic new year. The 10th of Muharram is Ashura the biggest historical day for Muslim.

Happy Islamic New Year 1438

Where to celebrate islamic new year

Anywhere you stay, you can celebrate new islamic year 1438 but if you are in uae then you know how they celebrate this day and you can join the people if you love happiness but ensure don't do anything that is haram and forbidden to do so you should be carefull to celebrate this day, just you can pray and stay a happy moment.

Muharram Month
This is the month with many historical moments for Muslim Ummah, if you are muslim then you know the importance of muharram.
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Islamic new year traditions

Many people celebrate this day with joy but there are some wahabism fact that they will say you bidaat and don't want to celebrate any day like this, even they torture people for celebrating this day. so keep stay out from wahabism and stay free and real muslim. Muslim never do anything that is haram so you have to stay away from doing haram and forbidden in islam but not celebrating new year cause its not forbidden to celebrate.

Islamic Months List:
1. Muharram
2. Safar
3. Rabi Al Awwal 
4. Rabi Ath Thani
5. Jumada Al Ula
6. Jumada Al Akhirah
7. Rajab
8. Shaban
9. Ramadan
10. Shawwal
11. Dhu Al Qadah
12. Dhu Al Hijjah

Islamic Day List:
Sunday : (Yawm) al-Aḥad (1st Day)
Monday : (Yawm) al-Ithnayn (2nd Day)
Tuesday : (Yawm) ath-Thulāthā’ (3rd Day)
Wednesday : (Yawm) al-Arba‘ā’ (4th Day)
Thursday : (Yawm) al-Khamīs (5th Day)
Friday : (Yawm) al-Jum‘ah (Jummah/Together)
Saturday : (Yawm) as-Sabt (Day of Rest)

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